You’ve booked a 1-day, 2-day, or private Chernobyl tour with and the journey is just about to take place. You feel overwhelmed, happy, and confused at the same time. Chernobyl is never that risky. It’s just a mysterious and abandoned city where you can learn, love, live, and have fun. Let’s discuss some things you can do in this scary city.

Explore the Ghost Town

Known as the Pripyat ghost town, this is the most dejected, nature-maimed, and magnificent place in Chernobyl. It’s melancholy and full of overgrown greenery.  Just about this place are the ghost houses that look scary. Bold enough to stand the terror in these places get your tour guide to pass around this area and take a few shots for the sake of the memories.

Visit and Climb the Secret Dugar Radar

Your journey to Chernobyl will have been short-lived if you don’t tour the giant station secret dugar radar. Considered the biggest radar station in the world that’s forgotten and abandoned, Dugar Radar is the ultimate center of attraction for many when they tour Chernobyl. You can add to the fun by climbing at the top of the Dugar-radar. This radar is tall, big, and scary don’t try climbing it if you aren’t courageous enough. If you aren’t comfortable with climbing the Dugar Radar, you may choose to climb any of the four abandoned port cranes.


See the City Animals found in Ghost Town

I am sure you haven‘t watched as wild animals walk freely through a city. The animals in Pripyat behave quite like humans. They walk through the city comfortably and happily even during the day. The giant catfishes in the Chernobyl cooling pond will leave you surprised and amazed at the same time. Give these wonderful creatures something to eat and watch as they enjoy the festivity.

Play the Abandoned Keyboard or shot Photos in the Amusement Park

In the middle of a forgotten city sits an amusement park. It’s scary though and doesn’t exhibit any signs of life. The explosion left the amusement park so destroyed and the joyful children’s laughter back has remained a mystery. Don’t end your adventure in the amusement park; take some time to tour the grand pianos. These are found in the left houses and the abandoned music school. Take a few photos while relaxing in the amusement park or playing the abandoned keyboards to keep the memories fresh.

Eat Your Lunch in the Chernobyl Canteen 19

The Chernobyl Canteen 19 isn’t a newly constructed eatery point. It was an ordinary canteen back in the years when the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was fully functioning. It’s where the workers had their meals. Currently, it’s an authentic Soviet cuisine canteen that’s rare and mysterious. If you fancy Soviet authentic atmosphere, you should check out with Chernobyl Canteen 19 to take a healthy and delicious meal.


If the time is ripe for you to tour Chernobyl, read up the above article to know some interesting things you can do and see in this mysterious abandoned city. Book your tour with and enjoy affordable tours.