New York is wonderful but also has weird spots to explore which are off the beaten spots. These spots are accessible by public and fascinating in their own way.

Below are listed some of the New York’s secretive spots to visit with Bus Rental New York

Manhattan Adirondacks

Adirondacks is in Central Park. It has been replicated the Adirondack mountain forests of the North woods. It is situated in close proximity to the 100th street entry. Stroll below the Glenspace Arch and follow the stream to get below the cascade with lots of greenery waiting on its other side.

City hill station

This is a preserved subway station of 1904 that features a grand chandelier. It showcases a bit of history of the only operating public transport systems round the clock.

Temple Emanu-El

This is one among the largest synagogues on the globe which showcase beautiful interiors. There’s a small museum that is situated within the basement that displays lovely ornaments and arts of Jewish religion.

Louis Auzoux Medical model at Obscurities, Antiques and Oddities

This is located in the East Village which provides challenges of studying medicine and about medical history of 1800s. Until a papi er mache model was developed by a young French student, they had to deal with real corpses. This store features one of his resin models and lots of taxidermy. It also houses a collection of the insects and Victorian mourning jewelery.

The cloisters

This is a Manhattan museum which houses medieval ages art. It’s a part of the Met which was contructed in 1930 by Rockefeller. There are stunning manuscripts, artworks and tapesteries from the middle ages. Encircled by Fort Tryon Park, do explore its lovely courtyards.

New York's secretive spots with Bus Rental New York

Pomander walk

It is a London inspired play set that has old fashioned and picturesque houses of London. Its a small street hidden that holds lovely apartments.

Washington Mews

Wealthy New yorkers utilized this private street for horses and carriages. Currently, it can be viewed by public to get nostalgic feel of scenic old street.

Sylvan Terrace

It is one of the lovely New York City streets to get a view of old and secret New York. It is cobblestoned street with wood framed townhouses with coach lights. Here is the oldest Manhattan house, the historic Morris Jumel Mansion.

Roosevelt Island

This is not a borough that provides Manhattan skyline views and the east river views.

The Bronx

This place is a little Italy on its own and has plenty of charm to it. There is Italian food to enjoy and visit Belmont for its Italian Festival, Ferragosto.

The lent riker smith homestead

This is the oldest home within Queen which is over 350 years old. It was constructed in the Dutch colonial style. It is in close proximity to the entry to Rikers Island.

The Panorama of the city of New York

This showcases the New York City in miniature. It is conducted in a museum with entry.

Other secretive off-beaten New York spots are:

  • City Island
  • Wave Gardens
  • Forest Hills
  • Kew Garden Hills
  • Socrates Sculpture Park
  • Fort Totten
  • Tabernacle of prayer church

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