When it comes to the best destinations in the world, Turkey comes at the sixth spot. Turkey is one of the most popular destinations in the world and it is pretty easy to see why.

This country offers a lot for everybody, regardless of what your style is, your taste, and your budget. From the very beautiful beaches to the breathtaking sceneries where you can enjoy a very memorable experience and activities from Turkey’s very rich and diverse culture and history that you can delve into and explore with your best mates or your loved ones.

With tons to offer, it is quite hard for many to choose which one to settle on for this very important trip to Turkey, but, in order to help you out on this matter, let us check out this outlined favorite places to visit and help you decide which resorts you can stay in Turkey especially if you use Tui – Thomson Holidays Jiva Beach Turkey application on your phone or you browsed its official website.

So here are the five tourist destinations in the Southwest part of Turkey that are often overseen by many tourists which are equally as beautiful as the country’s top tourist destinations.

Thomson Holidays Jiva Beach Turkey

  • Marmaris- This is the place in Turkey that will give you non-stop fun and never-ending outdoor activities that you and your family can enjoy and stay at the very relaxing beach resorts and have fun swimming. If you want to go diving, Marmaris is known for its diving spots where rich marine life flourishes, and get to explore its underwater caves that are full of mysteries. Also, one of the main attractions of Marmaris is its dancing fountains which are situated in the town center where the bars and clubs are located where you can party until dawn.
  • Olu Deniz- or also known by the locals as the Dead Sea, because of its very calm waters even during bad weather, or if translated it means Blue Lagoon. This small coastal town in the Southwest part of Turkey is known for its pristine beach which is situated at the conjunction point of the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas. The sandy bay of Olu Deniz is considered a national nature reserve which prohibits to construct within and near the area. The place is very famous for its turquoise aquamarine waters and marine habitat. Tourists usually flock at the Blue Flag beach front.
  • Bodrum- If you want and your special someone to have a romantic vacation, head to Bodrum for its very famous yachting activities that offer you and your love a picturesque view of the entire place and the harbor and the medieval castle of Saint Peter.
  • Antalya- Dubbed as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”, this ancient city is full of historic artifacts, ruins, and adventure that will surely overwhelm someone who is fascinated with history and culture. Get to visit the very well-preserved historical old town of Kaleici where the Ottoman Empire used to live. You will be toured with numerous museums that house artifacts, treasures, and gems dating back to the flourishing time of the Ottoman Empire.