Summer holidays in school is a perfect time to escape the peak summer blues. We all need that one-holiday boost, once in a year, so that we have some time for ourselves, the family way. Thankfully, there are many new destinations on the summer bucket list. Your summer tour can be in a quiet place,and it can be, in challenging hilly terrain like in Ladakh or somewhere else, in your big holiday plan. Whatever be your final choice, the essence of a break in the summers is to get rid of the pale summer feel affecting us. All that it requires is careful planning and mapping of the destination, followed by working out a travel budget and considering few options including judging the affordability of a trip-comprehensively.

We list few destinations for you to explore in the summer season.


This rugged terrain in the region of Jammu & Kashmir, in India, is not for the faint-hearted. When here, it is a mesmerising experience for those who journey the beautiful snow-capped mountains and its stunning valley space. You won’t regret the experience of planning a carefully mapped trip,marking the scenic beauty of this place. Only brace yourself for the challenging journey ahead.


It is your neighbourhood destination to be. You can enjoy the natural spectacle of its unique mountain views and azure skies, all in its plentiful lush green beauty. You will enjoy walking this beautiful hilly terrain on foot on the paved roads of Bhutan. Visiting its monasteries is another good option.It is the best you can do to pull yourself out of your summer fatigue.



It is a great destination for a short vacation. It will immediately cool off your body,and the idyllic scenic views will immediately rejoice your mind. Staying in a quiet place isa worthy effort to deal with the fatigue caused by the city summers.Trekking in Kasauli is a must try.


The capital of Meghalaya has enough to release you from your summer fatigue, include its scenic beauty. The landscape is stunning, and the climate cool, to help you enjoy the splendid viewsand experience the nature, waterfall, history, museum and local culture here.


Popular for its scenic tea plantations, Munnar has many new routes to offer to leave your summer worries behind. There are beautiful mountains, valleys and the lush greenery, enough to entice your senses to, go and explore. There is never a tiring moment here as the climate is friendly. Visit the tea factory around the tea plantations to learn something unique.


There are beautiful beaches everywhere, meaning, the beautiful scenery surrounds you in this summer destination. People, on tour in Bali, are received with warmth. Bali being a tourist-friendly destination also means you have more time on yourself to explore as much as you wish to. Visit the Katu Beach or Uluwatu Temple and do not forget to try its tasty cuisine for a summer-full enjoyment.

While we wish you a great journey, we also wish you a full-proof and secured journey, free of all worries. To do so, you need few good things with you while you travel. These are your travel insurance, term insurance, a budget sheet to update your travel expense sheet, a medicine kit, and your health insurance copy. Wondering why you need it?

The answer is, no matter how hard you try and attempt, your trip and life can take an unprecedented course, anytime and anywhere. All you can do is, to take care of yourself and your loved ones by choosing to think and be prepared beforehand.