The idea of bringing toddlers on a trip to Walt Disney World might sound crazy as you think, but in reality, it shouldn’t be. The best thing to do while they are still young is to plan a trip based on their interest, it may seem a challenge to bring them as toddlers but the stage might be quickly over and before you know it, they will be doing adult stuff in the parks.

Toddlers can still enjoy Disney magic without necessarily going through the hassle. However, it does require some important tips to keep the magic going.

Give them the Experience of Magic Kingdom:

Some of the most iconic character and themes of Disney is found in the Magic Kingdom, including Cinderella’s Castle at the end of Main Street. There is plenty of reason to visit the Magic Kingdom, for one, it has the most ride options for smaller kids with only 6 attractions having a height requirement leaving 24 rides available for toddlers. Also get a chance to meet iconic Disney characters like Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Tinker Bell, and several princesses.


The common misconception of people is that Epcot is just for adults and is too boring for young kids. This is not true. There are a variety of rides available without a height requirement and the World Showcase offers food options along with some great character meet-ups.

Disney Park

Make time for rest:

Going around Disney World can be exhausting both for adults and kids. It is important to set aside some quiet time for kids to rest or go back to the hotel for a quick nap. You can also utilize your time by following these important tips here

Toddlers don’t pay for park tickets:

Consider this as a saving, given to you by your toddler. Disney World is perhaps one of the most expensive parks in the world, enjoying all its amenities will surely cost you. Having these small savings will surely make a difference.

Bring a stroller:

Disney World is a large and sprawling place. Spending time walking each day is pretty tiring, especially with toddlers around. To save you from walking several miles each day, it is important to bring a stroller or rent one if you have to. Children ages 8 below will need a stroller to keep pace with the adults throughout the trip.

Toddlers can share meals from another person’s plate:

Again, this is a considerable saving on your part. Remember that prices vary on your time of visit, which includes restaurants as well. Toddlers are not part of the Disney Dining Plans. If the child is under the age of 3, then they are free to share a meal with others in your group without any charge.