Deciding what to take on a trip can sometimes be the most stressful part of the trip! What bag should you carry? How many clothes should you wear? What about technology?

To make decisions, it is important to categorize your Disney packing list around the following names:

  • What bag
  • Pies
  • clothes
  • technology
  • toiletries
  • administration
  • Useful things

What bag

Is this an important part of your decision-making process, backpack or suitcase? Well, think about what you will do. Are you just driving from the airport to your hotel and vice versa? Then with a suitcase, probably, everything will be fine. If you go to the jungle or take buses and trains and get on them, then a backpack will be more reasonable.


It comes down to a few simple solutions: slippers, sandals, slippers, hiking boots, and chic shoes. Decide what you are doing and choose the best one!


First, it will probably take too many of them. You can wash clothes on the go or buy them on the go and dispose of them when worn. Take within 3 or 4 days, then wash and reuse.

Hints for Your Packing List


Consider taking a camera and a Kindle at least. You can also bring a tablet or laptop with you.


Again, you can buy them as you walk, but you can get key medicines for yourself before you go. Things like vaccines and malaria pills can be difficult to buy in other countries, so get them before you go. Everything else you can get as you go


Do not forget your passport! In addition to copies and passport photos for visas. Credit cards, where you can also withdraw cash from ATMs. Vaccination and flight confirmation, as well as our driver’s license if you plan to go anywhere

Useful things

Think about how you will have fun on long trips! Types are useful, an iPod for music and games, perhaps card packaging. Skype to contact your home and online storage to save your photos as you go.

When you pack, grab a compression bag to reduce the size of your clothes and get a few combination locks for your backpack.

Yes, it seems a lot. But keep that in mind. Travel RV and do not stay at the hotel. This means that you must take care of all your needs without the help of hotel staff. You are alone, but you probably like it. That is why you own or rent a mobile home.

Make your travel experience meaningful and memorable. Take the time to draw up a packing list, and then pack everything that appears on your list.

So, there is a summary of how to think about packaging.