Every Sunway Hotel guest is entitled to having fun, quality leisure time, and touring the most attractive and remarkable attraction centers in Malaysia. There is something for everyone no matter their preferences. For those touring Penang Malaysia for the first time, here are some incredible attractions you cannot afford to overlook.

Sunway Carnival Mall

Sunway Carnival shopping mall sits exactly at the center of Seberang Jaya town in Penang, northern parts of Malaysia. It’s a modern-day complex mall that offers much more than you would expect from a town-based mall. You can buy all kinds of fashionable shoes, accessories, timepieces, jewelry, leathers, gifts, souvenirs, music and video equipment and much more. It houses tons of cafes, amusement centers, pharmacies, book centers, home décor, and electrical supplies.

Penang Bird Park

This is one of the most amazing attractions place in Penang Malaysia. It is based on a five-acre land and houses a variety of bird species. Here, you will find not less than 300 rare and exotic bird species. It is an attractively landscaped garden that has a variety of floras, flamingoes, storks, free-roaming pelicans, ducks, and swans.  It also houses different species of wildlife including, but not limited to, tortoises, deer, and reptiles.

Great Penang Malaysian Attractions You Will Love To See

The St. Anne’s Church

St. Anne’s Church is one of Penang’s biggest churches and probably one of the largest churches in Malaysia. It has a large sitting capacity of more than 1800. The church’s name was got from St. Anne, the mother of Blessed Virgin Mary. In this church, celebrations are held on a large-scale basis all through the year. One of the biggest celebrations is the St. Anne’s feast which involves two nights of candlelight procession. The feast is held each year on the 29th of July Catholics gather at the church to honor their patron saint.

Ninth Emperor of God Temple

This attractive and architecturally impressive temple is known for being one of the best attractions place in Penang Malaysia. It features intricately designed carvings and sculptures. The temple construction was done by over 50 Chinese craftsmen in 2000. It includes three large prayer halls and acts as a replacement to a similar but smaller temple sitting next to it that was constructed in 1971.

MenKuang Dam

This is the last of our best attractions place in Penang Malaysia. It is the largest dam all over Penang that has an extremely large volume of 23,639 million liters. The dam is situated in Bukit Mertajam mainland in Mengkuang’s North Valley. It harbors tons of natural attractions that will give you a reason to keep you active all day. The landscaped garden including Pinang and pine trees, rubber, and a variety of wildlife species will keep you involved all day. You can engage in tons of recreational and sporting activities, thanks to the great walking trails and jogging tracks found alongside the dam. It is known to be one of the best venues for the yearly Penang International Dragon Boat Festival.