For many years Dubai has been recognized as the most wanted vacation destination worldwide. It is just a small city in a country that has continuously invent exciting and new sites for tourist attraction. It also offers too much than any other state can deliver across the Middle East. Desert Safari Dubai is widely known as the most exciting and exceptional attraction among other attraction sites around.

Dubai Safari expeditions

All Dubai expeditions start from central town and go into the Dubai desert. The transportation is facilitated in a four-wheel-drive car or camel for comfort and safety. The travel tour in Dubai also offer the travelers with various choices to make their travelling experience enjoyable. Due to the availability of various incredible adventures, the tourists have a remarkable chance to their photo on camels and also enjoy the cooking and go back safely.

Tour Guide Dune Bashing

Desert Safari Dubai is a 2-hour drive into the desert that offers a remarkable opportunity to enjoy something incredible like dune bashing through a tour guide. Safari desert tour guide also offers to include riding the dunes on a sports utility car while a guide passes through narrow ridges and dunes.

Another great opportunity is to perform quad bile on dunes. Safari Dubai also comprises the most exciting camel rides and a chance to go for sandboarding or skiing. Camel ride is widely recognized as the most famous desert expedition provided by Safari Dubai tour guide. For instance, if the journey began at 4 pm, the entire trip experience may last for 6 hours.

Dubai with Camel Desert Safari

 Stunning Sunset photo session

Beautiful desert sunset attraction offers a stunning photograph scene. Also, a peaceful sunset watching experience is among the exciting moment in Safari Dubai tour. Breathtaking dramatic colors that illuminate evening sky is also one of the best scenes.

The Desert Safari Dubai can never be complete without the Arabian Shisha smoking and exhibition of belly dancing. Just imagine how interesting it can be when six hours moments are taken into the desert world and returned safely back to the Dubai fantastic nightlife. A real night adventure is perfect with an overnight desert trip.

Expedition time coverage

Typically the trip is expected to cover the hours between 3 pm and 4 pm and return the following morning at 9 pm. These 17 hours in the desert are utilized with the most exciting activities. From a dramatic sunset to a stimulating sunrise following morning, the hours a full of great fun.

These activities include camel riding, quad biking, dune bashing, henna painting, belly dancing, morning breakfast and much more. The entire trip is full of snacks provision, blankets, sleeping bags etc. Those who are looking for traditional Bubble experience are supplied with Shisha.