Whether you’re experienced in fishingor not, there is always that tug in your heart to go back to the water. Humans, by nature, love the water, which is why it’s your basic instinct to look for water bodies and answer that call to go swimming, chill out or evengo fishing. If you’dlike to venture out and go fishing, then here’s your chance to learn the basics.

A majority of the population takes part in fishing asa pastime activity. Some do it as a recreational hobby while others treat fishing as a form of livelihood. Nevertheless, fishing became a popular activity to do and here’s what you should know if you want to participate in this trend too:

Prepare your Equipment

Never go into a battle without your gun and ammo – this is the same with fishing. Your rod and your fishing gear are your battle weapons. Here are the basic items you must have on hand:

  1. Your fishing rod and reel
  2. A fishing line
  3. A package of fishing weights
  4. Fish hooks
  5. A plastic or cork bobber
  6. Live bait to lure the fish

You can go with all of them or just a few;what’s important is that you have your rod, reel, fishing line, hook, and bait. However, it would be a better experience if you can try to get them all since these are the tools you’d be bringing with you whenever you go fishing.


Learn the skills.

Yes.In fact, there are some skills to learn if you ever want to fish. Fishing is not just “reel in and reel out”. You need to know the “target zone”, how to cast properly, and how to distinguish between a bite or a snag. Feeling your reel and your rod for any type of tension is important when observing the movement of the fish. Casting includes momentum; you have to make sure that your cast is just mere inches away from your target zone to avoid any lost bait or fishes.

Buy cheap ones.

The thing about novices is they usually buy expensive items and in turn, they aren’t too confident to use their equipment in fear of damaging it. This is why you need to purchase ones that are cheap so you wouldn’t be afraid if you lost the bait or break your rod. As a novice, you need some experience before you can move on to the more expensive items.

In addition, learning how to use your fishing tools can take sometime. The best way to experience everything is by being confident not only with your beginner skills, but also with how you handle your stuff.

Know Your Fishing Area.

There are different types of fishing and different fishing areas you can try out. The different types of fishing requires an array of different fishing techniques that you would need to learn. In this case, you should be familiar with your environment by visiting the waterbodyoften for a few tries as you go along with it. If you want to learn more about fishing, you can do so by practicing repeatedly until you can do it with your eyes closed!