Goa has been the centrefold of Indian vacations for a long time. The beach vacations at Goa is something that every Indian couple wants to do. The fact that Goa comes with texture, with a rich cultural history behind the curtains of the posh party district that it sells itself as.

Goa hotels match the decor of that place. Depending on your needs, you can choose a hotel that posh, or carefree, and there are plenty of decor options for you to try your hand at.

Still confused? Here’s a handy guide to planning a Goa trip.

When to go?

Goa is a coastal region, so it has pleasant weather all year round. However, if you want a stress-free vacation and nothing else, the best time of the year to visit would be the winters.

During the winters, Goa gets down to business and celebrates every facet of life. With wonderful Christmas celebrations throughout town and the parties with the top music acts of the country, you would not lack for things to do in Goa in December and January.

Places to visit

There’s this false belief that Goa is only about parties and not about stress-free vacations. So, people think that teetotallers can’t have fun here. Well, there are places in Goa you can visit for having fun without partying all night.


1: Grande Island

You can’t miss the beaches in Goa, and the ones at Grande Island are spectacular. What’s more, Goa is also the one place in all of India where all kinds of watersports are available. Looking to try your hand at scuba diving or paragliding? Grande Island is where you need to be.

2: Todo Waterfall

Goa’s waterfalls are a sight to behold. This particular one is available after a long trek through the jungle which is filled with greenery. If your ideal vacation needs a facelift with some adventure. Todo Waterfall should be on your list of things to do.

3: Calangute Beach

Now, this is the largest beach in all of Goa! Laze around the beach or visit one of the many places in and around it. There’s a lot of churches to see, and a market that sets itself up regularly. If you are looking for something more contained visit the nearby river Betul and the Betul estuary.

Another adventure to try out here is windsurfing. You can find a fully-equipped trainer on this beach, so, you can let your hair down and go on an adventure.

4: Bom Jesus Basilica

I would be betraying myself here if I didn’t direct you towards the Bom Jesus Basilica. A beautiful church dating back to the 17th century, this is an architectural marvel that you would not get tired of indulging in anytime soon.

A bit of advice? Always be respectful when you go in here because it is one of the holiest places for Catholics in the world.

I of all people admit that Goa can be daunting for new tourists. It is the party capital of India, and it has got some of the most happening street scenes you’ll ever find. However, if you let your hair down, eat the local seafood and enjoy yourself, it’s the most fantastic place you would visit.