Australia is home to public and private institutions of higher education, most of which host international students from countries all over the world. The unique landscapes of Australia, modern cities, and diverse population are very appealing to many students who wish to study abroad.

Australia’s natural atmosphere is marked by world-famous beaches such as Bondi Beach, the pristine Kakadu national park, and culturally rich cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Students attend the country’s many colleges and universities to obtain undergraduate degrees or earn a master’s degree and Ph.D. through rigorous master’s degree studies.

International Students

Currently, there are about 1,313,776 students who have enrolled in institutions of higher education in Australia. Of these, 350,472 are international students. Recent figures show enrollment for international students is rising by 12 percent, an increase that has led many Australian colleges and universities to improve their programs and proposals to serve the growing student population.

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Australia’s international students mainly come (starting with the highest percentage): China, India, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Indonesia, Nepal, and Pakistan. Almost 80% of Australia’s population speaks English; this attracts many international students who want to immerse themselves in an English-speaking nation to hone their language skills. In addition, many of Australia’s universities and colleges offer a diverse range of courses that appeal to a diverse range of students who wish to enroll in English, technology, medicine, education, and other popular fields of study.

Cost Of Living

International students should prepare to receive $us20,290 (€12,800) to live for a year of study in Australia. Students bringing in a spouse or children will need additional funds to cover living expenses. The Australian government requires international students to prove the cost-of-living money. The above figure is the government standard, but many students can live much less during their stay.

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