So we’re just past the middle of winter now, the worst is behind us, but summer still feels miles away. If you’re spending too much time sitting in the office feeling chilly and miserable, it’s time to get excited about the warm weather to come. To put you in a mood of sunshine and optimism, here are just a few awesome adventures and ideas you could begin to look forward to for the coming spring and summer. You may not be able to do them all – but if a few catch your eye, start planning now so you can make this summer your best to date.

A luxurious romantic getaway:

Or, any kind of getaway really – as long as it’s to a gorgeous location with tons of fun things to do and beautiful things to see. Whether you’re travelling with your best mates, your partner, or your family, a spot like Sinalei resort in Samoa could be exactly what you need to break that dreary winter feeling and have you feeling fresh and glowing again. Samoa is an incredible place to visit and the resort has everything you need; from guided tours of the beautiful island complete with snorkeling and surfing to relaxing days at the spa to help you rest and recharge.

Beach days:

Even if you’re not planning to travel overseas this summer, you can still get excited for the return or proper beach-going weather. If you live inland, a road trip could take you and your best friends out to a beautiful beach spot so you can show off that new summer bikini, kick off your shoes for the first time this year, and start working on your pasty winter skin. Don’t forget the sunscreen, a novel, and plenty of snacks and drinks and you’ll be in for an amazing start to the season.


A trip out to the water park:

If you’re local to Melbourne, you have access to Funfields, and as the name suggests, it’s a super-fun spot to kick off summer. Ride down the massive water slides, take the kids to the lovely family-friendly adventure rides, and get your adrenaline pumping with some crazy rollercoaster action. Don’t forget plenty of ice cream for the whole family to complete your perfect day out.

Romantic picnics:

Winter is great for snuggling under the duvet for months with plenty of movies and takeaways, but summer is really the best time to be loved up and express your romantic side. Once the weather starts warming up, plan a picnic with your partner and pack all of your favourite foods. Pick a shady spot in your local park or on the beach and take in the beautiful scenery we’re so lucky to have around us while you chat about all the fun you’re going to have together in the coming months.

Exercising outside of the gym:

Not got that summer bod yet? It doesn’t really matter. But if you want to get a bit fitter and hate being trapped in a gym surrounded by bodybuilders, you’ll have plenty of more exciting options once summer arrives. Jogging in the park, rollerblading, and outdoor swimming are all great ways of getting your heartrate up while also feeling the sun on your shoulders and boosting your endorphins in the great outdoors.