A tripod is a three-legged gadget that people use in photography together with their camera. Should you, as a travel photographer, also invest money in a tripod? What are the reasons that would justify the space consumed and the money spent on the contraption?

The truth is – you really need a travel tripod. There are many benefits that you can enjoy from owning a tripod or two, and bringing them along on a trip.

You Bring Stability to Your Pictures

Taking pictures holding the camera with your hands is the norm, but can also be problematic. For instance, if you’re taking a panoramic shot, some pictures could become misaligned. This can mean potential problems when the software is stitching the pictures together into one.

With a tripod, however, you can ensure that your sweep for images in a panoramic shot is straight and properly aligned.

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A tripod is also very useful when it comes to taking sports pictures. You can limit camera shake by simply mounting your travel camera on a tripod and using its movable head to follow your target.

The possibilities are numerous. You can take night mode photos better with a tripod because, with the slow shutter speeds used in this application, you will need the camera to be steady all the time.

You Can Easily Take Self-Portraits

You can take self-portraits, or “selfies,” very easily with a compact camera or a smartphone. When you’re traveling, however, you may want to have a wider background. After all, you want to show people where you went.

With a tripod, you can just put your camera on timer and let it capture the moment on its own. You can set the composition, set how much time the camera has to wait before engaging the shutter, and then pose. It’s even better if you have a remote trigger, because you can control the shutter from afar.

You don’t have to sacrifice yourself by excluding yourself from the picture because no one else can operate the camera, if you invest in a tripod.

You Can Improve Your Photography

When you’re shooting hand-held, you are at risk of succumbing to the “point and shoot” mentality. That’s understandable because holding the camera steady for a period of time can bring strain to your arms.

However, if you’re less patient, you’re less likely to improve your photography. With a tripod, you have all the time to think about your composition and framing. You can experiment, in other words. You have all the time to use your imagination so you can come up with stunning pictures and discover new methods of composing your pictures.

In other words, a tripod is your assistant in taking great pictures. It can help you grow as a photographer and is one of the greatest photography tools out there.

These are but three of the great advantages that you can enjoy when you’ve invested in a tripod. You should start looking for the ideal tripod for you so you can start reaping these benefits on your next trip!